In the World, I Use to Soar in

Love of Fettered Wings, bound by hate of another, strengthened by sorrow of my own never to love again, hope fading like the light of the setting sun.

Fettered wings never to know the joy of flight; the feeling of the winds of love lifting me up carrying me; to skim the waters of the milky way.

Fettered wings never to be opened again; bound so tight, bound me to walk this earth alone day in through harshest, night.

Fettered Wings chains of pain and fear, weighing me down to ever be earthbound never to know the joy of flight within the arms so loving so strong as to keep me from falling ever again.

Fettered wings of love never to soar to feel  the warmth of the Sun’s dawn rays beat upon my wings again that gave me strength to face anything

Fettered wings; earthbound, walking ever alone; feathers begin to fall to the ground, loss of hope that I would ever soar upon the wind of love.

Fettered wings earthbound, with no love to pick me up; to soar in the heights of love, hope and joy as if over city lights far below, the reverse mirror of stars I once flew through in a world I use to know.

Fettered wings now earthbound no love to carry me, my feathered wings once akin to an adorning crown the feathers like jewels fallen to the ground; my glorious wings that shone and flew now gone with winters bite of lost trust, hate and spite that tore them from me left me earthbound; just a man to walk alone in this world. lost confused, as I only ever knew how I flew; earthbound head in hands, wondering where to go what do I do in this world I use to Know.


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