When the World was Young

Once upon a time when the world was young we believed in love, and we all sung. Once in the world I use to know, it seemed all was possible and so was falling in love. Now with Morden technology, we are told everything is easier, it’s easier to meet people. Yet I have found technology for all its richness, has actually only made it harder to find the real honest person, made it next to impossible to trust anything anyone says, and thus made it an inch from hell’s frozen core to actually be able to find somebody to fall in love with. It’s been too long from last I felt loved on the one hand, while others may say not been long enough from the end of a twenty-one-year relationship. I moved as far south in my country as I could from my ex, my heart turning to Obsidian and covered in a layer of permafrost. My One First time trust ending in a ball of flames of broken trust and a mind and heart so stung it took five months for myself not only to feel safe again in my new home but for the nightmares to stop as well. I don’t actually have any friends here in this city. haven’t connected with anyone, been able to. So I thought I would find a local bar where I could find local-minded guys. Only there are no Bars, the only way I could meet guys like myself is online. Gone are the days where Bars with like minded guys could meet it seems face to face means it is via apps and websites like grinder, realjock and whatsapp. In the past week I’ve met some Good looking guys, all talking almost the right talk, however, all had the exact same heart broke background story, to share. Pity they were all Nigerian scammers looking for a dumb lonely guy. Easy to con his heart to part with his Money.  I’m a honest man and while I can lie I chosse not to, lies are just a form of posion that fool you and the person you lied to; while they slowly kill you. Though I was set to live alone, seems my heart ach’s to  dare to love once again or is that truly for the first time. Still confused over that one. Though Truth is, I am beginng to doubet whether I will get the chance to truly love. Seem’s like love and trust are just a dream that we either lie ourselves into beliving in or, we simply cann’t afford to own. Though if I do find that one lucky Guy I’ll be sure to let you know.


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