Betrayed ?

So Scared of falling…

So Scared I’ll wake from this dream…

Betrayed by my heart

Swore I’d never fall in love again

Yet here I am on the edge of the precipice; looking over the edge into the deepest blue pool of healing waters, so scared of falling in only to find I land on the Blue Bedrock of shattered promises.

Betrayed by my Heart

Swore I’d never love again

Finding myself, in a dream, dreaming of all that could be dreaming of… loves possibilities scared I’ll wake to find myself all alone in the cold dark night.

Betrayed by my Heart

Swore I’d never dream of Love Again.

Dare to jump into the blue healing waters of love, or land on a blue bedrock of shattered promises and lies that kill, landing flat, landing still dead.

Dare to dream and wake to find I was never asleep the dream being I was alone in my sleep. Or to wake into the nightmare of the cold dark night screaming with only myself to hear, because I was all alone dreaming I was with the one I loved.

Betrayed by my Heart or my Mind this time?


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